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Welcome newest BAMD drivers! snoname, Anthony miata, FilippeMx5
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BAMD Featured Miata
1994 Cremesicle
Driver: Michael Detmers
Color and year: 1994 Cremesicle
Modifications: [UPD/2015-08-09]Ricelands with mystery springs (thanks Tony)
  RB Header (w/cat delete)
  Roadstersport exhaust
  VVT engine
  DIYPNP Megasquirt (made by me\)
  Kirkey 71 series seats
  [UPD/2015-08-09]Konig "Dial In" 15x9 White
Accessories: [UPD/2015-08-09]None....because racecar?
Welcome to the Bay Area Miata Drivers website

BAMD is an alternative to Miata clubs. We are the largest group of active Miata enthusiasts in California, with more than 1500 registered drivers, mainly owners of NA and NB models (1990-2005). We love our Miatas, and we have a lot of fun with spirited driving events on the most outrageous, twisty back roads in the Bay Area and Northern California.

We believe that Mazda designed the Miata to be driven hard, taking full advantage of its light weight, agility, and performance. We also appreciate the Miata's affinity for performance improvements. We want to enjoy all of that performance, without giving up safety. We promote spirited driving combined with common sense.

Slower  Faster

BAMD supports the Bay Area Miata community by holding group drives every other month, and tech sessions every month. BAMD drivers also participate in autocrosses, track days, and other motorsports events. Our driving events are aimed at skilled Miata drivers with plenty of back road experience, as well as newer Miata drivers who enjoy a brisk pace and have enough experience to know what their Miata can do. If you want to know more about who we are and why we're here, click the About button in the menu above.

BAMD connects Miata drivers through our website and forum. We aren't trying to take the place of other Miata forums, but we do have an active network of Miata enthusiasts who regularly exchange technical information, news, ideas, humor, stories, event info and plans. Checking the forum is a great way to find out what's happening in BAMD—you'll get a good sense of who we are and how much fun BAMD drivers are having with their Miatas.

We have no dues or fees and we are not a club. We don't have members, we have drivers. We prefer zipping through back roads and working on our Miatas together to dealing with money and forms. We have no executive board or elected officers, no sponsors or advertisers, and we stay clear of club politics. If you'd like to be a part of BAMD, simply register online.

BAMD group drives are intended for spirited drivers, but you don't have to be a fast driver to participate in the BAMD forum and other BAMD events. If you're passionate about Miatas, you're welcome here. We have a blast with a great group of people who share a love for spirited driving in one of the greatest sports cars ever made, the Mazda Miata.

Note to BAMD Drivers

We invite registered BAMD drivers to send us Miata photos and event write-ups for the event photo gallery, and we welcome articles, stories, and reviews. We also know Miata owners have a lot of technical knowledge and experience, so we welcome technical articles as well. Email the webmaster with any photos, articles, ideas or questions you may have.

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